Animism — the World’s Oldest Religion

When looking at the history of religion, there is a point when religion was actually born. And when this first happened, anthropologists call this first religion animism. It is where everything is given a spirit — spirits with humanistic character. In my personal beliefs, I see no reason why this religion has ever lost relevance. Monotheism now rules the religious beliefs of most of the world. So I suppose there must be something to the notion of seeing the existence of a supreme character as Creator. But I find it hard to accept, especially when most religions use the term ‘God’ and engenders him as male. I think patriarchy has ruled the world for too long, as has the sterile and non-spiritual scientific viewpoint. Animism explains that for every concept, every object, every word, there exists a spirit, each spirit with its own character. One big reason I identify so much with this point of view is that it is evident that babies and infants see things this way. They personify everything, as it seems to help them explain their world. So I would liken this to the most natural religion. And I really do believe that if we find in everything a spirit, then we would be much more able to find inner guidance and communicate with our external world through creativity and play.

Animism can be integrated with any religion, in that anything worshiped is spiritualized and characterized. And the greater number of human beings worshiping or praying to something specific, the bigger that spirit grows in the field of human consciousness.

If we could observe the spiritual charge of the objects in our surroundings, we might treat our surroundings differently, and with more purpose. I’m sure many will be skeptical of this point of view, but that is understandable, as science doesn’t yet have enough of a framework for observing a unified field of consciousness. But personally I can sense the existence of the interconnectivity of matter and spirit. It just makes sense to me, and ties in with all the recent interest in the so-called Law of Attraction.

Consider the religion of Animism and consider that it isn’t a religion at all, but perhaps a method of natural consciousness that even the animals, plants, and celestial orbs follow. I seek above all a religion that is not dependent on time and history, but rather one that has always been relevant and always will be. And hey, Animism is also creative and fun!

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