11:11 as Four Pillars of Creation Reality & Four Blades with which to Pierce the Veil

The digital readout 11:11 represents a mirrored self-reflective gateway in and out of the illusory world of the 3rd dimension. Time is an illusion, digital time doubly so. True time is cosmic, based on the movement of orb(it)s through space, which is infinite. There are four types of orbs that determine the natural time of the Earth: planetary, lunar, solar, and stellar. Those cosmic rhythms were codified by the Mayan civilization whose calendar remains a lasting tool for harmonizing with reality. Imagine the four vertical edges of a cube. These are the four directions and four dimensions of time, represent-able by the four pillars of the digital time display 11:11. Digital time is an extension of mechanical time, which is an extension of the unnatural calendar with its roots in ancient Babylon — a system that has left our modern world with a culture of war and patriarchy and the “time is money” philosophy.


The  1111 is a new phenomenon, fueled by a generation that grew up barely knowing how to read the hands of a traditional clock. The secret it encodes, not so secret anymore in the post-apocalyptic New Age, is that our outer world reflects the beliefs of our inner mind. Everything that we perceive is our own creation — something we keep reading in mystic texts by masters of consciousness, yet something that is too often difficult to grasp. We experience flashes of our creation reality in déjà vus and eerie synchronicities, like the numbers that happen to read out when we randomly look at our smart phones.

When we put our faith in the 11:11 phenomenon, it becomes a center-line of balance, between the bubbling beliefs of the layers of our consciousness on one side, and the external reality that is a direct result of those beliefs. How do our beliefs create our own reality when there are other beings also involved in creating their realities all around us? The answer is in shared beliefs, which goes back to the illusion of time – really more an agreement with each other than an illusion. We collectively agree in the laws of gravity, light, space, and time. They are so ingrained in the deepest part of our consciousness that most of our observable world is the way it is because we collectively believe it to be so. To change those laws would be to create miracles, which brings us into the realm of the supernatural, especially the angelic — another 11:11 association known as “angels communicating”. We also have learned to say “Make a wish!” when observing the time.

The unnatural time we have been subjected to has defined our minds and molded our major beliefs about our world. 11:11 is the beginning of the piercing of that veil, by four little vertical blades. It has become a building block of new consciousness and navigating the dreamily symbolic mind field of consciousness that constantly surrounds our horizons of perception. Keep acknowledging this phenomenon which will spread to more individuals, making more frequent our entrance into the truth of the here and now.

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