Ophiuchus – the Banished 13th Constellation

Ophiuchus, the long lost 13th constellation of the zodiac, just made the news this week. Apparently, some astronomical organization in Minnesota announced that there were actually 13 constellations in the zodiac and that the rest of the constellations have gradually moved almost a full constellation over from where astrologers claim they are. Well this is no news at all, since it always has been accurate astronomical knowledge. But somehow the story got picked up and went viral, so many people are all of a sudden questioning their astrological sign now and worrying that they are no longer the sign they believed themselves to be.

An ancient depiction of Ophiuchus, as seated firmly on the zodiacal ecliptic.

Well did you know that Ophiuchus is StudiO FictuS’s mascot. In fact our name is encoded from that word (Study Oficius), and our logo has a wedge where the 13th space in the circle would be, since it has been a gap in western cosmology for the last few thousand years, and there you will find a snake crawling out.

StudiO FictuS Logo

StudiO FictuS Logo

It’s not such a far stretch to believe that the rise of patriarchal civilization that took place in Babylon approximately 5200 years ago, was accompanied by some major shifts in numerological, cosmological, symbolic constructs. Prior to the rise of civilization it was most common for many primitive societies to base their rituals on natural cycles. The monthly cycle usually happened 13 times a year, whether based on exact lunations or an equal perfect division of 13 28-day cycles per year. 13 symbols were placed along the annual path that the sun took through the stars.

Ophiuchus was placed over the spot on the ecliptic that happens to be the location of the center of the galaxy, a place which has also been in the news a lot since it happens to align with the winter solstice next year (2012), the end of the Maya cycle that began 5200 years ago, right around the time when Ophiuchus was banished from the zodiac. The priests of babylon devised a system of dividing the circle into 12 equal divisions for 12 constellations. The one symbol they removed happened to signify life force, sexual power, creative energy, menstrual bleeding, and the archetype of The Healer. Is it any wonder that patriarchy on this planet seems to be accompanied with a lack and denial of these creative powers within us?

It can only be a good thing that Ophiuchus is being recognized as a valid force once again. It carries many secrets that have been hidden behind archaic religious symbols for ages. It is part of the purpose of this blog to attempt to unearth these dormant powers, and all discussion about Ophiuchus is most welcome.

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