The Letter X as Symbol



The letter X is possibly the most misunderstood letter in the Roman alphabet. In the context of words it’s pronounced at times like ‘KS’, at times like ‘Z’ and at times like ‘EKZ’ and also ‘EKS’. It’s a cross and is sometimes used as an abbreviation for ‘Christ’. It’s a goal (X marks the spot) and a symbol of deletion (exed out). X is a crossroads and points to the four directions. It’s also a symbol of the Earth’s tilted axis. X stands for 10 in Roman numerals, being two Vs stacked on each other. If X’es are stacked up they resemble a double helix, which can be like modules of DNA or the ancient medical symbol of two snakes intertwined. In this way it is a symbol for genetics, where one genetic line crosses with another. X is also the symbol for a hug, as in XOXO. It stands for the unknown, both in algebra, and in terms such as “Planet X”.

I’m just throwing out all these various meanings of “X” to provoke thought. I’ll attempt to tie some of this together at another point. :-p

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