Red Serpent

Red Serpent Glyph

The Seed sprouts the movement of the double-helix twin serpent strand of the Kundalini. This Sanskrit word represents the flow of sexual energy up the spinal column. The Mayan equivalent is KULTHANLILNI. The Serpent symbolizes reptilian consciousness which we carry as our autonomic nervous system.

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Yellow Seed

Yellow Seed Glyph

The Seed lands in the mud of AKBAL and sets the complex pattern of flowered growth from the singularity of its hearty goal. The Seed is One and all aware in the essence of its all encompassing sphere.

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Blue Night

Blue Night Glyph

The night creates dreams or stories. It is the realm of archetypes that bubbles in the mud of our consciousness. Ancient stories are accessible through trusting our intuition. AKBAL is the dreamfield of these symbolic roots.

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White Wind

White Wind Glyph

The wind is the bond or separation between the creator and the created. Now that there are two, a communication can occur as the concept of polarized relationship begins to develop. This communication is the voice that uses Wind as its fuel. Everything is vibration which is breath.

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Graphical Representation of the Wavespell

The Wavespell: 13 Tones of Creation
A Fractal G-Force Unit of time.

Every 13 Days
Every 13 Moons
Every 13 Years
Every 13 Centuries

1. Magnetic Tone of Purpose

2. Lunar Tone of Challenge

3. Electric Tone of Service

4. Self-Existing Tone of Form

5. Overtone Tone of Radiance

6. Rhythmic Tone of Equality

7. Resonant Tone of Attunement

8. Galactic Tone of Integrity

9. Solar Tone of Intention

10. Planetary Tone of Manefestation

11. Spectral Tone of Liberation

12. Crystal Tone of Cooperation

13. Cosmic Tone of Presence

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Red Dragon

Red Dragon Glyph

This tribe is the first of the 20. The birth of the entire universe occurs in the womb of this primordial sea creature. The Dragon is the mother whose responsibility is to nurture her creation into interdependent existence.

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Overtone Tone Glyph

The Overtone Tone of Radiance. The 5th tone is the first corner of the wavespell, as the tetrahedronal pulsar that includes the 4 like colors of the wavespell begins to show its form. There is a blinking radiance transmitted that empowers us to command our purpose in its next direction.

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Yellow Sun

Yellow Sun Glyph

Our sun is called KINICH AHAU in the ZUVUYA language. Sun here is more of an all-encompassing term. All star-systems have suns at their center which in turn have various orbital relationships to the Central Sun at the center of the galaxy which is one of many galaxies. Enlightenment and wholeness are the characteristics of this tribe. To be whole is to be one with all, including the central sun called HUNAB K’U at the center of space and the center of time.

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Self-Existing Tone Glyph

The Self-existing Tone of Form. 4 makes 3-dimensional structure through 4 corners of a tetrahedron. 2-dimensionally we see this as a square. This form is our measuring point for moving through dimensions, whether it be 2nd, 3rd, 4th or beyond. With this tone we define our purpose, as it completes the first harmonic (series of 4 tones) of the wavespell.

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