Graphical Representation of the Wavespell

The Wavespell: 13 Tones of Creation
A Fractal G-Force Unit of time.

Every 13 Days
Every 13 Moons
Every 13 Years
Every 13 Centuries

1. Magnetic Tone of Purpose

2. Lunar Tone of Challenge

3. Electric Tone of Service

4. Self-Existing Tone of Form

5. Overtone Tone of Radiance

6. Rhythmic Tone of Equality

7. Resonant Tone of Attunement

8. Galactic Tone of Integrity

9. Solar Tone of Intention

10. Planetary Tone of Manefestation

11. Spectral Tone of Liberation

12. Crystal Tone of Cooperation

13. Cosmic Tone of Presence

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