Dreamspell Entries

A dreamspell, a term coined by José Argüelles, is a system of shared beliefs much like the concept of religion, yet rooted deeply in our relationship to time itself. In 1992, Argüelles along with his then wife Lloydine (lloydine.com) published Dreamspell: The Journey of Timeship Earth 2013. The view put forward is that most of our planet is stuck in a dreamspell that is inharmonious with natural rhythms and that it would be impossible to change the planet positively from within this framework of the Gregorian Calendar, a patriarchal institution that goes back to Babylon.

So they laid down a new dreamspell, based on the timecodes of the Maya: A perfect 13 month year aligned with the 260 Mayan Tzolkin cycle, which apparently reveals cycles we share with the galaxy as a whole.

Our erroneous dreamspell frequency is 12:60 (Gregorian calendar and mechanical clock) and the correct frequency which aligns us with nature is 13:20 (13 and 20 are the two Mayan cycles that establish the 260 galactic calendar).

So I have been adding posts each day that will eventually reflect this calendar system. When I have added all the glyphs, I will be able to organize the data in various ways, to present more detailed information.

I am intentionally keeping this process slow, so that it can help reveal itself, according to the powerful rhythms they represent.

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