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The 13 Galactic Tones of Creation are a template for the process of organic unfolding through time. The moon is a powerful demonstration of this, through its 13 lunations per year. The galaxy also follows cycles based on 13, as demonstrated through the 26,000 year cycle known as the precession of the equinoxes. 13 days is a basic unit of the greater 260 days, and 260 centuries (26,000 years).


Magnetic Tone Glyph

The Magnetic Tone of Purpose. This tone begins the 13 steps of the wavespell, and attracts the purpose for the new time interval.

Creative Power: unify
Function: purpose
Action: attract


Lunar Tone Glyph

The Lunar Tone of Challenge. The Lunar Tone. Tone number 2 allows us to see the polar opposite of our purpose, and to see what obstacles are to be overcome in order to achieve the purpose. In this way, stability and balance come into play.

Creative Power: polarize
Function: challenge
Action: stabilize


Electric Tone Glyph

The Electric Tone of Service. The third tone of the wavespell is bonding. It moves the space towards three dimensions, as a triangle is first formed. Now that the purpose and challenge have been identified, it’s time to activate service.

Creative Power: activate
Function: service
Action: bond


Self-Existing Tone Glyph

The Self-existing Tone of Form. 4 makes 3-dimensional structure through 4 corners of a tetrahedron. 2-dimensionally we see this as a square. This form is our measuring point for moving through dimensions, whether it be 2nd, 3rd, 4th or beyond. With this tone we define our purpose, as it completes the first harmonic (series of 4 tones) of the wavespell.

Creative Power: define
Function: form
Action: measure


Overtone Tone Glyph

The Overtone Tone of Radiance. The 5th tone is the first corner of the wavespell, as the tetrahedronal pulsar that includes the 4 like colors of the wavespell begins to show its form. There is a blinking radiance transmitted that empowers us to command our purpose in its next direction.

Creative Power: empower
Function: radiance
Action: command


Rhythmic Glyph

The Rhythmic Tone of Equality. 6 directions builds a cube and is a directional creation of form before the 13 tone cycle begins to unwind. It is the equality of 1 bar and 1 dot.

Creative Power: organize
Function: equality
Action: balance


Resonant Tone Glyph

The Resonant Tone of Attunement. 7. This tone is the center of the sequence of 13, holding the 2 cubes in balance. It is a perfect alignment of the heart with the sky and the earth.

Creative Power: channel
Function: attunement
Action: inspire


Galactic Tone Glyph

The Galactic Tone of Integrity. After the center is reached at the 7th tone, the purpose begins to materialize, first on the galactic level, which is the base of our truth and our true selves.

Creative Power: harmonize
Function: integrity
Action: model


Solar Tone Glyph

The Solar Tone of Intention. Beginning with Galactic, the next pitch becomes Solar as the intention makes its way towards planetary matter.

Creative Power: pulse
Function: intention
Action: realize


Planetary Tone Glyph

The Planetary Tone of Manifestation. At ten, the Wavespell sequence matches a half breath of the 20 tribes sequence. It is 2 limbs, or 10 fingers/toes. Thus matter is manifested symbolic of the gravitational limits of the sun’s pull.

Creative Power: perfect
Function: manifestation
Action: produce


Spectral Tone Glyph

The Spectral Tone of Liberation. As the idea goes through the galactic-solar-planetary phases, the gravitational field is unified and the intention is liberated, as in photosynthesis, or firing neurons.

Creative Power: dissolve
Function: liberation
Action: release


Crystal Tone Glyph

The Crystal Tone of Cooperation. As we work out our purpose for a wavespell, the crystal tone brings all the parts together, to finally accomplish and output the task at hand. We come together with each of our personal journeys, putting the pieces together to finish what we started, and lay out the plan for next wavespell.

Creative Power: dedicate
Function: cooperation
Action: universalize



The Cosmic Tone of Presence. After the wavespell’s purpose has been crystallized, the plus-one factor kicks in and brings the energy up to the next step on the spiral staircase of time. Magic flight releases the creation into the world and prepares us for the wavespell to come.

Creative Power: endure
Function: presence
Action: transcend