The Galactic 13:20 Dreamspell

A dreamspell is a shared belief, time-based construct of reality. Dreamspell: The Journey of Timeship Earth 2013 is a work presented by José & Lloydine Argüelles which acts as a tool that can help bring humanity back in sync with the natural time that nature operates on. The ancient Maya were able to recognize the true cycles of nature and fortunately the codes have been passed on to the present day.


Magnetic Tone Glyph

The Magnetic Tone of Purpose. This tone begins the 13 steps of the wavespell, and attracts the purpose for the new time interval.

Creative Power: unify
Function: purpose
Action: attract

Red Dragon

Red Dragon Glyph

This tribe is the first of the 20. The birth of the entire universe occurs in the womb of this primordial sea creature. The Dragon is the mother whose responsibility is to nurture her creation into interdependent existence.

Creative Power: birth
Function: being
Action: nurtures


Lunar Tone Glyph

The Lunar Tone of Challenge. The Lunar Tone. Tone number 2 allows us to see the polar opposite of our purpose, and to see what obstacles are to be overcome in order to achieve the purpose. In this way, stability and balance come into play.

Creative Power: polarize
Function: challenge
Action: stabilize

White Wind

White Wind Glyph

The wind is the bond or separation between the creator and the created. Now that there are two, a communication can occur as the concept of polarized relationship begins to develop. This communication is the voice that uses Wind as its fuel. Everything is vibration which is breath.

Creative Power: spirit
Function: breath
Action: communicates


Electric Tone Glyph

The Electric Tone of Service. The third tone of the wavespell is bonding. It moves the space towards three dimensions, as a triangle is first formed. Now that the purpose and challenge have been identified, it’s time to activate service.

Creative Power: activate
Function: service
Action: bond

Blue Night

Blue Night Glyph

The night creates dreams or stories. It is the realm of archetypes that bubbles in the mud of our consciousness. Ancient stories are accessible through trusting our intuition. AKBAL is the dreamfield of these symbolic roots.

Creative Power: abundance
Function: intuition
Action: dreams


Self-Existing Tone Glyph

The Self-existing Tone of Form. 4 makes 3-dimensional structure through 4 corners of a tetrahedron. 2-dimensionally we see this as a square. This form is our measuring point for moving through dimensions, whether it be 2nd, 3rd, 4th or beyond. With this tone we define our purpose, as it completes the first harmonic (series of 4 tones) of the wavespell.

Creative Power: define
Function: form
Action: measure

Yellow Seed

Yellow Seed Glyph

The Seed lands in the mud of AKBAL and sets the complex pattern of flowered growth from the singularity of its hearty goal. The Seed is One and all aware in the essence of its all encompassing sphere.

Creative Power: flowering
Function: awareness
Action: targets


Overtone Tone Glyph

The Overtone Tone of Radiance. The 5th tone is the first corner of the wavespell, as the tetrahedronal pulsar that includes the 4 like colors of the wavespell begins to show its form. There is a blinking radiance transmitted that empowers us to command our purpose in its next direction.

Creative Power: empower
Function: radiance
Action: command

Red Serpent

Red Serpent Glyph

The Seed sprouts the movement of the double-helix twin serpent strand of the Kundalini. This Sanskrit word represents the flow of sexual energy up the spinal column. The Mayan equivalent is KULTHANLILNI. The Serpent symbolizes reptilian consciousness which we carry as our autonomic nervous system.

Creative Power: life force
Function: instinct
Action: survives


Rhythmic Glyph

The Rhythmic Tone of Equality. 6 directions builds a cube and is a directional creation of form before the 13 tone cycle begins to unwind. It is the equality of 1 bar and 1 dot.

Creative Power: organize
Function: equality
Action: balance

White World-bridger

White World-bridger Glyph

CIMI represents death. But it is not necessarily a gory end. It is a portal through which we pass from realm to realm. The afterlife is a place where we are our whole selves. We transcend time and space and karma. But our karma is left at the gate and to return to the physical plane we must pick it back up. Deathlessness is also birthlessness and is the resolution of karma which is right here and now.

Creative Power: death
Function: opportunity
Action: equalizes


Resonant Tone Glyph

The Resonant Tone of Attunement. 7. This tone is the center of the sequence of 13, holding the 2 cubes in balance. It is a perfect alignment of the heart with the sky and the earth.

Creative Power: channel
Function: attunement
Action: inspire

Blue Hand

Blue Hand Glyph

The Hand holds the energy of accomplishment. When one has mastered an art s/he knows it so well that there doesn’t need to be a thought process. The action passes through the detached mind. This is the process of healing.

Creative Power: accomplishment
Function: healing
Action: knows

Yellow Star

Star Glyph

The glyph for the star also symbolizes the planet venus, and is about harmony. It is a living bouquet of beauty that generates art.

Creative Power: Elegance
Function: Art
Action: Beautifies


Galactic Tone Glyph

The Galactic Tone of Integrity. After the center is reached at the 7th tone, the purpose begins to materialize, first on the galactic level, which is the base of our truth and our true selves.

Creative Power: harmonize
Function: integrity
Action: model

Red Moon

Red Moon Glyph

The tides are pulled by the moon and so are we as we consist of mostly water. The Moon represents the flow of our emotions as the iron/oxygen flow of blood, and the purification this flow allows within gravitational awareness.

Creative Power: universal water
Function: flow
Action: purifies


Solar Tone Glyph

The Solar Tone of Intention. Beginning with Galactic, the next pitch becomes Solar as the intention makes its way towards planetary matter.

Creative Power: pulse
Function: intention
Action: realize

White Dog

White Dog Glyph

As the White Wind is two dots, the White Dog is two bars. This stands for a radiance in relationships with the center in the heart. This is loyalty and devotion. The Dog guides us through this frozen Underworld, diametrically opposed to the Yellow Sun, by not forgetting the unconditional love we share in infinite degrees of heart bonds.

Creative Power: heart
Function: loyalty
Action: loves


Planetary Tone Glyph

The Planetary Tone of Manifestation. At ten, the Wavespell sequence matches a half breath of the 20 tribes sequence. It is 2 limbs, or 10 fingers/toes. Thus matter is manifested symbolic of the gravitational limits of the sun’s pull.

Creative Power: perfect
Function: manifestation
Action: produce

Blue Monkey

Blue Monkey Glyph

Silly Monkey is the trickster archetype. Loving to play spontaneously the Monkey is a master of illusion. CHUEN cuts through set patterns of perception by blowing up the paradox with entertaining jokesterness. The paradoxical nonsense is magic. There is always truth in jest.

Creative Power: magic
Function: illusion
Action: plays


Spectral Tone Glyph

The Spectral Tone of Liberation. As the idea goes through the galactic-solar-planetary phases, the gravitational field is unified and the intention is liberated, as in photosynthesis, or firing neurons.

Creative Power: dissolve
Function: liberation
Action: release

Yellow Human

Yellow Human Glyph

From a galactic perspective, what is so special about human beings? We are the connection between the most dense and the most light, bringing it all together at the surface of the Earth. We have tremendous power of influence over the entire universe. This glyph is about choices and consequences. How will we use our free will?

Creative Power: free will
Function: wisdom
Action: influences


Crystal Tone Glyph

The Crystal Tone of Cooperation. As we work out our purpose for a wavespell, the crystal tone brings all the parts together, to finally accomplish and output the task at hand. We come together with each of our personal journeys, putting the pieces together to finish what we started, and lay out the plan for next wavespell.

Creative Power: dedicate
Function: cooperation
Action: universalize

Red Skywalker

Skywalker Glyph

Science is a method of analyzing the parts of a whole so to better understand that whole. The Skywalker of a scientist is good at this but not so much in a dry and sterile laboratorial kind of way. BEN likes a good adventure. S/he travels distance literally through space as well as symbolically through time and across dimensions. The Skywalker is always dreaming and is always awake.

Creative Power: space
Function: wakefulness
Action: explores



The Cosmic Tone of Presence. After the wavespell’s purpose has been crystallized, the plus-one factor kicks in and brings the energy up to the next step on the spiral staircase of time. Magic flight releases the creation into the world and prepares us for the wavespell to come.

Creative Power: endure
Function: presence
Action: transcend

White Wizard

White Wizard

The shaman is the one who’s purpose is to go on vision quests in order to determine what is needed to bring balance to the community. S/he has a extraordinary degree of spiritual receptivity that allows for this ability. The Wizard(ess) will also show the rest of us the way into this timeless journey.

Creative Power: timelessness
Function: receptivity
Action: enchants

Blue Eagle

Blue Eagle Glyph

All life on Earth makes up a unified planetary mind-field. The Eagle is the highest flying creature and is representative of the telepathy that connects us all to the one mind. The Eagle’s eye is so sharp. Telepathically the Eagle’s vision is attributed to the third eye which is the receptive center for a visionary creative process.

Creative Power: vision
Function: mind
Action: creates

Yellow Warrior

Yellow Warrior Glyph

The Warrior is individual and strong. S/he doesn’t take things for granted and stubbornly questions the way things are. There is no fear involved because the Warrior has conquered death. Erect posture is the Warrior’s shield offering protection from all manipulation.

Creative Power: intelligence
Function: fearlessness
Action: questions

Red Earth

Red Earth Glyph

This tribe symbolizes the planetary matrix which is the pattern that our solar system evolves by. This inherently involves the Mayan TZOLKIN grid. The biosphere of our Earth creates life according to this matrix through the synchronicities that bring various elements and DNA building blocks together. CABAN is adept at navigating within this Matrix.

Creative Power: navigation
Function: synchronicity
Action: evolves

White Mirror

White Mirror Glyph

Every part of the universe sends out vibrations that permeate through every other part of the universe. As these vibrations exist as extensions of their parts, so everything is actually reflective of everything else. Etznab understands clearly this simple holographic structure of the cosmic order. This reflection is also the blade of a sword that serves to cut through perspectives that fail to see the endlessness of all things.

Creative Power: endlessness
Function: order
Action: reflects

Blue Storm

Blue Storm Glyph

The Sun comes after the Storm but in order to get there the ego must be destroyed in the whirlwind of the CAUAC. Kwak is the quick thunderous sound of the lightening that incites burning out of which sprouts brilliant new growth. To not be burned one must stand in the “i” at the selfless center which is the all-seeing eye of the collective mind rather than the individual and capital “I” of the ego.

Creative Power: self-generation
Function: energy
Action: catalyzes

Yellow Sun

Yellow Sun Glyph

Our sun is called KINICH AHAU in the ZUVUYA language. Sun here is more of an all-encompassing term. All star-systems have suns at their center which in turn have various orbital relationships to the Central Sun at the center of the galaxy which is one of many galaxies. Enlightenment and wholeness are the characteristics of this tribe. To be whole is to be one with all, including the central sun called HUNAB K’U at the center of space and the center of time.

Creative Power: universal fire
Function: life
Action: enlightens