11:11 as Four Pillars of Creation Reality & Four Blades with which to Pierce the Veil

The digital readout 11:11 represents a mirrored self-reflective gateway in and out of the illusory world of the 3rd dimension. Time is an illusion, digital time doubly so. True time is cosmic, based on the movement of orb(it)s through space, which is infinite. There … Continue reading

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RANG! Sounding the tone of the fifth cosmic force


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Animism — the World’s Oldest Religion

When looking at the history of religion, there is a point when religion was actually born. And when this first happened, anthropologists call this first religion animism. It is where everything is given a spirit — spirits with humanistic character. … Continue reading

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The Letter X as Symbol

The letter X is possibly the most misunderstood letter in the Roman alphabet. In the context of words it’s pronounced at times like ‘KS’, at times like ‘Z’ and at times like ‘EKZ’ and also ‘EKS’. It’s a cross and … Continue reading

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Ophiuchus – the Banished 13th Constellation

Ophiuchus, the long lost 13th constellation of the zodiac, just made the news this week. Apparently, some astronomical organization in Minnesota announced that there were actually 13 constellations in the zodiac and that the rest of the constellations have gradually … Continue reading

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Egyptian Ouroboros

The Ouroboros is simply the image of a snake eating its own tail, a phenomenon actually reported to occur sometimes in the wild. Representing many things, it can be seen as an image of time itself. Are we at the … Continue reading

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260 Kin Tzolkin

260 Kin Tzolkin

Of Mayan origin, the Tzolkin is a 4D harmonic module of light, that informs 3D reality. One unit on the grid can represent a Day, Week, Moon, Year, Person and more.

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Blue Hand

Blue Hand Glyph

The Hand holds the energy of accomplishment. When one has mastered an art s/he knows it so well that there doesn’t need to be a thought process. The action passes through the detached mind. This is the process of healing.

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White World-bridger

White World-bridger Glyph

CIMI represents death. But it is not necessarily a gory end. It is a portal through which we pass from realm to realm. The afterlife is a place where we are our whole selves. We transcend time and space and … Continue reading

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