11:11 as Four Pillars of Creation Reality & Four Blades with which to Pierce the Veil

The digital readout 11:11 represents a mirrored self-reflective gateway in and out of the illusory world of the 3rd dimension. Time is an illusion, digital time doubly so. True time is cosmic, based on the movement of orb(it)s through space, which is infinite. There are four types of orbs that determine the natural time of the Earth: planetary, lunar, solar, and stellar. Those cosmic rhythms were codified by the Mayan civilization whose calendar remains a lasting tool for harmonizing with reality. Imagine the four vertical edges of a cube. These are the four directions and four dimensions of time, represent-able by the four pillars of the digital time display 11:11. Digital time is an extension of mechanical time, which is an extension of the unnatural calendar with its roots in ancient Babylon — a system that has left our modern world with a culture of war and patriarchy and the “time is money” philosophy.


The  1111 is a new phenomenon, fueled by a generation that grew up barely knowing how to read the hands of a traditional clock. The secret it encodes, not so secret anymore in the post-apocalyptic New Age, is that our outer world reflects the beliefs of our inner mind. Everything that we perceive is our own creation — something we keep reading in mystic texts by masters of consciousness, yet something that is too often difficult to grasp. We experience flashes of our creation reality in déjà vus and eerie synchronicities, like the numbers that happen to read out when we randomly look at our smart phones.

When we put our faith in the 11:11 phenomenon, it becomes a center-line of balance, between the bubbling beliefs of the layers of our consciousness on one side, and the external reality that is a direct result of those beliefs. How do our beliefs create our own reality when there are other beings also involved in creating their realities all around us? The answer is in shared beliefs, which goes back to the illusion of time – really more an agreement with each other than an illusion. We collectively agree in the laws of gravity, light, space, and time. They are so ingrained in the deepest part of our consciousness that most of our observable world is the way it is because we collectively believe it to be so. To change those laws would be to create miracles, which brings us into the realm of the supernatural, especially the angelic — another 11:11 association known as “angels communicating”. We also have learned to say “Make a wish!” when observing the time.

The unnatural time we have been subjected to has defined our minds and molded our major beliefs about our world. 11:11 is the beginning of the piercing of that veil, by four little vertical blades. It has become a building block of new consciousness and navigating the dreamily symbolic mind field of consciousness that constantly surrounds our horizons of perception. Keep acknowledging this phenomenon which will spread to more individuals, making more frequent our entrance into the truth of the here and now.

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RANG! Sounding the tone of the fifth cosmic force


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Animism — the World’s Oldest Religion

When looking at the history of religion, there is a point when religion was actually born. And when this first happened, anthropologists call this first religion animism. It is where everything is given a spirit — spirits with humanistic character. In my personal beliefs, I see no reason why this religion has ever lost relevance. Monotheism now rules the religious beliefs of most of the world. So I suppose there must be something to the notion of seeing the existence of a supreme character as Creator. But I find it hard to accept, especially when most religions use the term ‘God’ and engenders him as male. I think patriarchy has ruled the world for too long, as has the sterile and non-spiritual scientific viewpoint. Animism explains that for every concept, every object, every word, there exists a spirit, each spirit with its own character. One big reason I identify so much with this point of view is that it is evident that babies and infants see things this way. They personify everything, as it seems to help them explain their world. So I would liken this to the most natural religion. And I really do believe that if we find in everything a spirit, then we would be much more able to find inner guidance and communicate with our external world through creativity and play.

Animism can be integrated with any religion, in that anything worshiped is spiritualized and characterized. And the greater number of human beings worshiping or praying to something specific, the bigger that spirit grows in the field of human consciousness.

If we could observe the spiritual charge of the objects in our surroundings, we might treat our surroundings differently, and with more purpose. I’m sure many will be skeptical of this point of view, but that is understandable, as science doesn’t yet have enough of a framework for observing a unified field of consciousness. But personally I can sense the existence of the interconnectivity of matter and spirit. It just makes sense to me, and ties in with all the recent interest in the so-called Law of Attraction.

Consider the religion of Animism and consider that it isn’t a religion at all, but perhaps a method of natural consciousness that even the animals, plants, and celestial orbs follow. I seek above all a religion that is not dependent on time and history, but rather one that has always been relevant and always will be. And hey, Animism is also creative and fun!

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The Letter X as Symbol



The letter X is possibly the most misunderstood letter in the Roman alphabet. In the context of words it’s pronounced at times like ‘KS’, at times like ‘Z’ and at times like ‘EKZ’ and also ‘EKS’. It’s a cross and is sometimes used as an abbreviation for ‘Christ’. It’s a goal (X marks the spot) and a symbol of deletion (exed out). X is a crossroads and points to the four directions. It’s also a symbol of the Earth’s tilted axis. X stands for 10 in Roman numerals, being two Vs stacked on each other. If X’es are stacked up they resemble a double helix, which can be like modules of DNA or the ancient medical symbol of two snakes intertwined. In this way it is a symbol for genetics, where one genetic line crosses with another. X is also the symbol for a hug, as in XOXO. It stands for the unknown, both in algebra, and in terms such as “Planet X”.

I’m just throwing out all these various meanings of “X” to provoke thought. I’ll attempt to tie some of this together at another point. :-p

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Ophiuchus – the Banished 13th Constellation

Ophiuchus, the long lost 13th constellation of the zodiac, just made the news this week. Apparently, some astronomical organization in Minnesota announced that there were actually 13 constellations in the zodiac and that the rest of the constellations have gradually moved almost a full constellation over from where astrologers claim they are. Well this is no news at all, since it always has been accurate astronomical knowledge. But somehow the story got picked up and went viral, so many people are all of a sudden questioning their astrological sign now and worrying that they are no longer the sign they believed themselves to be.

An ancient depiction of Ophiuchus, as seated firmly on the zodiacal ecliptic.

Well did you know that Ophiuchus is StudiO FictuS’s mascot. In fact our name is encoded from that word (Study Oficius), and our logo has a wedge where the 13th space in the circle would be, since it has been a gap in western cosmology for the last few thousand years, and there you will find a snake crawling out.

StudiO FictuS Logo

StudiO FictuS Logo

It’s not such a far stretch to believe that the rise of patriarchal civilization that took place in Babylon approximately 5200 years ago, was accompanied by some major shifts in numerological, cosmological, symbolic constructs. Prior to the rise of civilization it was most common for many primitive societies to base their rituals on natural cycles. The monthly cycle usually happened 13 times a year, whether based on exact lunations or an equal perfect division of 13 28-day cycles per year. 13 symbols were placed along the annual path that the sun took through the stars.

Ophiuchus was placed over the spot on the ecliptic that happens to be the location of the center of the galaxy, a place which has also been in the news a lot since it happens to align with the winter solstice next year (2012), the end of the Maya cycle that began 5200 years ago, right around the time when Ophiuchus was banished from the zodiac. The priests of babylon devised a system of dividing the circle into 12 equal divisions for 12 constellations. The one symbol they removed happened to signify life force, sexual power, creative energy, menstrual bleeding, and the archetype of The Healer. Is it any wonder that patriarchy on this planet seems to be accompanied with a lack and denial of these creative powers within us?

It can only be a good thing that Ophiuchus is being recognized as a valid force once again. It carries many secrets that have been hidden behind archaic religious symbols for ages. It is part of the purpose of this blog to attempt to unearth these dormant powers, and all discussion about Ophiuchus is most welcome.

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Egyptian Ouroboros

The Ouroboros is simply the image of a snake eating its own tail, a phenomenon actually reported to occur sometimes in the wild. Representing many things, it can be seen as an image of time itself. Are we at the point in time where the tail is in the mouth of the Ouroboros?

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260 Kin Tzolkin

260 Kin Tzolkin

Of Mayan origin, the Tzolkin is a 4D harmonic module of light, that informs 3D reality. One unit on the grid can represent a Day, Week, Moon, Year, Person and more.

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Blue Hand

Blue Hand Glyph

The Hand holds the energy of accomplishment. When one has mastered an art s/he knows it so well that there doesn’t need to be a thought process. The action passes through the detached mind. This is the process of healing.

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White World-bridger

White World-bridger Glyph

CIMI represents death. But it is not necessarily a gory end. It is a portal through which we pass from realm to realm. The afterlife is a place where we are our whole selves. We transcend time and space and karma. But our karma is left at the gate and to return to the physical plane we must pick it back up. Deathlessness is also birthlessness and is the resolution of karma which is right here and now.

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